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Noah Baldwin
Marc Davis
Tina Elliott
Nolan Englund
Lucy Flattery-Vickness
Frenel Francisco
Kate Kintner
Angela Mollica
Garett Ng
Terry Runkel
Lea Salanon
Sylvia Toy St. Louis
Zac Turner
Michael Walker
Taylor Young
Alexander Zerkle


If your name appears
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Do you have what it takes to be a Filmmaker?
Well, now here is your chance to show off your filmmaking skills!

This high energy, zany competition is open to everyone
from industry veterans to video prodigies.

The entire contest is free to enter.

Contestants will have 24 hours to create a complete three-minute short film. The film must include the secret ingredients that all participants will be given at the kick off at
9:00am on Saturday, August 30th
at The New Rheem Theatre located at 350 Park St. Moraga, CA.

The completed movie must be turned in by
on Sunday, August 31st
at the same starting location.

Late submissions will not be accepted.

For the next 2 weeks, the movies will be screened and judged
by our selected panel of judges. 

All films submitted will be shown at The New Rheem Theatre at
10:00am, Saturday, September 13th.

Each team will receive 2 complimentary passes
to the Festival Screening of the Iron Filmmaker Showcase.
 Additional tickets are $12 each.


The winner of the contest will receive the following:

  • a grand prize of $400.00
  • 4 passes to attend the Festival
  • recognition as the Iron Fimmaker Winner at the CA Indie Film Festival
  • showing of your winning film on the CAIFF website
  • prizes for Second and Third Place Winners, Audience Choice, Best Cinematography, Best Performance, etc. will be announced later

There will be other recognized awards such as
"Best Use of Theme", "Best Creative Concept", "Best Performance", etc.

Click here to download a PDF with details about this year's contest.

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