Individual Day Player
$55 each

Senior Day Player
$50 each
(Age 65+)

Child Day Player
$50 each
(Age 12 and under)

Individual Supporting Role
$130 each

Couple Supporting Role
$220 each

Individual Leading Role
$500 each

Couple Leading Role
$950 each

Child(ren) of Leading Roles
$100 each
Children (12 and under) can be added
for $100 extra per child and
is ONLY available for Leading Role Members.
Proof of age
will be verified at Box Office.

  • A Day Player Membership card
  • $7 admission to all theatre movies (excluding special events)
  • FREE popcorn every Sunday and Monday
  • Listing of Your Name in the CAIFF Program Guide
  • Listing on CAIFF Website
  • Email Invitation to Preview Screenings
  • Email Invitation to CAIFF Members Only Events
  • Email Blast Alerts About Events, Year-wide Events, and Other Announcements
  • Early ticket purchase for CAIFF
  • Priority seating at CAIFF events
  • ALL Day Player Member Benefits PLUS
  • A Supporting Role Membership card
  • Free VIP seating at the New Rheem Theatre Monday through Thursday matinees
  • FREE admission to CAIFF Members Only Events
  • FREE admission to CAIFF Preview Nights
  • Ability to purchase $5 admission for a friend to CAIFF Preview Nights
  • ALL Day Player and Supporting Role Member Benefits PLUS
  • A Leading Role Membership card
  • Two additional guest tickets
  • FREE admission to all films at The New Rheem Theatre and The Orinda Theatre
  • FREE admission to CAIFF
  • FREE popcorn every day
  • Free VIP seating at the New Rheem Theatre Monday through Thursday all shows
  • Bring a friend for FREE to CAIFF Preview Nights
  • First priority seating at CAIFF events

If you are renewing your current membership and your current card starts with a DP, SR, or LR,
you don't need to get a new card. You may continue to use your current card.
We will just renew your membership on the same card for one more year after receiving your payment.

Make ONE selection below:

Enter your current card number(s) below in the yellow box - only visible if selected.
(This number will start with a DP, SR, or LR. Otherwise, we need to give you new cards.)

If you have an old card, lost your card, or are starting a new membership we will need to provide a new current card to you. Tell us the name for the new cards and how you would like to get your new cards.

Please enter your name(s) as it(they) should appear on Websites and in all CAIFF Marketing below.
List each name for each membership. If you want to give a membership as a gift, describe that information
to us and who's name should appear on the card and in our displays (preshow screen,etc.)
If you do NOT want to be listed, please state so below and we will keep you Anonymous.

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