December Dilemma becomes a reality through hard work, talent, belief, energy, and generous donations from fans of the movie, fans of the concept, fans of the stars, and friends, family, and even strangers. We could not do this without your support.

If you want to share in the profits of the film, we suggest you consider buying a share (see Shareholders section).

However, listed below are other ways you can be a part of the project. There is no amount too small to be appreciated and helpful. You can mix and match your donations. You can give your donation as a gift to others.  Can't be on the set? You can give us the name of whom you would like to have that honor instead. Imagine seeing your name in the credits or a friend's name! The combinations for giving are endless.

Any questions or is there an amount you want to give that you don't see below? Contact us at Thank you SO MUCH for your support and help.

 - $5  - $10  - $25  - $50  - $100
Big thank you
from all of us for believing in the film and helping to make the film a reality.
A "thank you" telephone call!
I will personally call you and either leave a message or talk to you in person to share my appreciation for your support and belief in good solid family films.
A limited edition poster from the film with pictures of the cast. This will be the official poster that will be used in all our publicity. It will be very similar to the image being used currently. Poster & a phone call! Same limited edition poster as mentioned under $25 donation PLUS a personal phone call to thank you as under the $10 donation. SIGNED poster
from the cast of the film.
This will be same limited edition poster but this will have
the actual autographs of
Tony Dow,
Richard Benjamin,
Ross Benjamin,
Beverly Washburn,
and myself, Adam Reeves - Director/Producer/Screenwriter. A true collectors item!
 - $250  - $500  - $1,000  - $2,500  - $4,000
DVD of
December Dilemma
before they are available to the public.
DVD of
December Dilemma autographed
by the cast

- a limited edition.
This will truly be a COLLECTOR'S ITEM!
Your Name
on the Screen
in the Credits
as "Generous Support" plus DVD of December Dilemma autographed by the cast limited edition.
Invitation to
a day on the set with the stars
plus Your Name on the Screen plus DVD of December Dilemma autographed by the cast limited edition.
This is the ultimate offering! With this pledge, we will use a holiday home movie scene that you send us from your past in the opening credits of the film!!
You will see your Christmas or Chanukah memories immortalized on the screen. There will also be a closing credit for the clip we use listing your name or your family's name. What a GREAT gift for your family to see on the screen. Immortalize your holiday memories. Or what a SURPRISE for your family to see! Plus you get everything under the $2,500 Donation listing. This is the ULTIMATE gift to give for the Holidays!! And so unique!

What happens if the film never starts filming? Do I lose my money?
We plan on starting to shoot in 2012. If shooting is delayed, we have until the end of the year as a cutoff date. At that time, you may request to have your entire donation returned. We don't touch the funds until we start shooting. If we never shoot, your money is refunded.
If there is an option to start shooting in 2013, you have the option to keep the money invested or have it returned to you.
But, believe us, this film is going to be made and is going to be great!