Invest by Buying Shares in December Dilemma!
The Gift That Just Keeps Giving!

What does this involve? It's simple.

If you invest as a shareholder, you get paid back your invest plus 10%. Once you are paid back your investment plus 10% you will get a portion of the profits the film makes as long as the film is in the market place and being shown. And a Holiday film gets shown a lot and every year for years to come. Also your investment can be returned all the way up until the time we start production. Your funds are put in an escrow account to protect you and your investment.

We are offering shares in December Dilemma. Only fifty (50) shares are available at $10,000 a share. A minimum purchase of a half of a share (1/2) at $5,000 is available.

If you are interested in learning more, please fill out this confidential form and we will send to you via Priority Mail:

  • a cover letter explaining the potential profits and risks and;
  • an application to purchase and invest in December Dilemma (Pro-Forma PPM)

If you are not comfortable filling in a form or have questions, please call us at 415-334-8446 or contact us at We will be happy to answer any questions and explain how it all works.

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Before hitting the submit button, we assure you that this is NOT a purchase or promise of a purchase. You are simply requesting more information and identifying yourself as a potential investor. We also suggest you look at some of the information further below.

What does buying a share mean?
This allows you to invest in the film and enjoy the profits from your investment for years to come.  After the film is completed, the split in the profits will be distributed on an 80%/20% basis - 80% going back to you, the shareholder. This distribution will continue until you have been paid back your investment at 110% of the amount of your investment. Then the distribution split will be 50%/50% for all profits in the following years.  The potential to gain is based on the success of the film. You could be seeing returns on your investment for quite a long time.

Why does this film have a good chance of making a profit?
Today, more than ever, low-budget, well-crafted American independent comedy motion pictures have become increasingly popular. On top of that, holiday films created for the entire family are the best at succeeding. They have a good “recurring” value each year that gives the film a guaranteed “shelf life” due to recurring interest each year in holiday films. This type of film also crosses over cultures and races to include a much wider market place. Accordingly, these type of films represent a reasonable investment opportunity. In addition to the substantial revenues available from exploitation in the domestic markets, there is now an ever-growing worldwide demand for American comedy feature films as American films, television programs and videos currently dominate almost all foreign markets worldwide.

To compete with major US studios (Warner, Universal, Disney, Fox, etc.), foreign producers have begun co-venturing with major film studios and lower budget American productions similar to December Dilemma, LLC. This is an attempt to gain guaranteed distribution of the highly desirable and often profitable American films in their territory, and demonstrates the serious demand for American films like “December Dilemma.”

While North American domestic revenue for US feature films are often in the multi-millions, the domestic distribution actually provides an average of only forty percent (40%) of the potential revenues. The remaining world markets generally provide sixty percent (60%) of the potential revenues for an American feature film, and hence represent massive opportunities for the distribution for a film like “December Dilemma”. Furthermore, alternate media like VOD and DVD can produce strong profits on their own, even without US theatrical distribution. Many independent films have made substantial profits with a solely domestic video distribution (DVD/VOD).

Considering the number of markets for an American film, a low-budget comedy feature film with its lower production costs has a much stronger chance of selling, and subsequently generating financial return from a small investment. In the case of “December Dilemma,” the production team has the talent and commitment to produce an extraordinary, high quality, marketable dramatic motion picture for audiences worldwide, and to usher the project through sale and distribution.

What happens if the film never starts filming? Do I lose all my money?
We plan on starting to shoot in 2012. If shooting is delayed, we have until the end of the year as a cutoff date. At that time, you may request to have your entire investment returned. We don't touch the funds until we start shooting. If we never shoot, your money is refunded. If there is an option to push the shooting in 2013, you have the option to keep the money invested or have it returned to you. But, believe us, this film is going to be made and is going to be great!