About This Site

Something About This Site And Why It Is Here

This site came about due to the amount of items and souvenirs collected over many years. I, personally, and my advertising marketing firm have worked with many different projects and clients. Through those years we accumulated a lot of merchandise and products that filled our warehouse. Instead of allowing the items to continue to sit in a warehouse and collect dust, I decided that there are probably many people out there that would appreciate some of these items. That is how it all started.

But then the site has grown. 

I began to look around and realized how many personal treasures and items I have collected over the years. So I began going through my vinyls and collectibles. 

And now the items on line keep growing! But the quantity of each item does not grow. With most items, there is only one!! So once it sells, it is gone.

Thank you for checking out the site. It is fun putting it together and seeing the responses I have been getting.