C.J. & Co. - Devil's Gun Vinyl Album

C.J. & Co. - Devil's Gun Vinyl Album
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C.J. & Co. - Devil's Gun Vinyl Album

One of the most interesting disco-soul hits of 1977 was CJ & Co's "The Devil's Gun," which was a major departure from the dance/love/party vibe that defined so many recordings of the disco era. While other dancefloor favorites from that period favored fun, escapist lyrics, "The Devil's Gun" warned listeners to be on their guard and not let evil bring them down. And the tune was as strong musically as it was lyrically; CJ & Co's forte was a gritty and funky yet sophisticated blend of disco and Detroit soul. Many of the people who bought that single ignored the group's debut album, which was also titled The Devil's Gun -- and that was a mistake because the rest of the LP is quite solid even though it falls short of the magnificence of the title song. Produced and arranged in Dearborn, MI, by Mike Theodore and one-time Motown session guitarist Dennis Coffey, The Devil's Gun never fails to be Detroit-sounding. Danceable tracks like "We Got Our Own Thing," "Get a Groove in Order to Move," and "Sure Can't Go to the Moon" are relevant to the disco scene of 1977, although CJ & Co never forgets disco's soul heritage -- the three-man, two-woman vocal quintet obviously owes a major debt to the Temptations, the Undisputed Truth, Edwin Starr, and others who defined Detroit soul in the 1960s and 1970s. The Devil's Gun was mixed at Philadelphia's famous Sigma Sound Studios, but make no mistake: This good-to-excellent LP is very much a product of the Motor City.

C.J. & Company (also C.J. & Co. or C.C. & Co.) was a disco group from Detroit, Michigan. They were the partnership of producers, funk-brother, Dennis Coffey & Mike Theodore. Their highest charting single in the US was "Devil's Gun", which reached #36 on the Billboard pop chart, spending 29 weeks on the HOT 100. It wound up being the #100 song of the year on BILLBOARD's year end charts, (though only peaking at #36), and #2 on the R&B chart in 1977. It also peaked at #43 in the UK Singles Chart. That song, along with "We Got Our Own Thing" (later sampled by Heavy D and the Boyz) and "Sure Can't Go to the Moon," hit #1 for five weeks on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. They released two full length LPs, 'Devil's Gun' (1977) and 'Deadeye Dick' (1978) both for Westbound Records. "Devil's Gun" was the first record played at the opening of Studio 54 by DJ Richie Kaczor.

Both the album cover and the vinyl album are in great condition. The inner sleeve is the original sleeve that came with the album.

Songs on Album:

Side One
A - Devil's Gun
B - We Got Our Own Thing
Side Two
C - Free To Be Me
D - Get A Groove In Order To Move
E - Sure Can't Go To The Moon


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