Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express Vinyl Album

Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express Vinyl Album
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Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express Vinyl Album

An important piece of new equipment used on the album was the Synthanorma Sequenzer, a customized 32-step 16-channel analog sequencer made for the band by Matten & Wiechers. This allowed the construction of more elaborate sequenced synthesizer lines, which are featured prominently in the tracks "Europe Endless", "Franz Schubert" and "Endless Endless", and liberated the player from the chore of playing repetitive keyboard patterns.

Whereas Radio-Activity had featured a mixture of German and English lyrics throughout the album, Trans-Europe Express went further and was mixed as two entirely separate versions, one sung in English, the other in German. At the recommendation of Maxime Schmitt, a French version of the song "Showroom Dummies", titled "Les Mannequins", was also recorded. "Les Mannequins" was the group's first song in French and would influence decisions to record songs in French on later albums. After recording the album in Düsseldorf, Hütter and Schneider visited Los Angeles to mix the tracks at the Record Plant Studio. Elements of the mixing sessions that were done in Los Angeles were dropped from the album, including the use of more upfront vocals in order to do more mixing in Düsseldorf and Hamburg later.

The artwork for the album cover of Trans-Europe Express was originally going to be a monochrome picture of the group reflected in a series of mirrors. This idea was dropped for a photo by New York-based celebrity photographer Maurice Seymour, with the group dressed in suits to resemble mannequins. J. Stara's image of the group was taken in Paris and is a highly retouched photo-montage of Kraftwerk from their shoulders up again posed as mannequins which are shown on the cover of the English version of the album. On the inside sleeve, a color collage of the group sitting at a small cafe table designed by Emil Schult was used. The photo for this scene was from the session by Maurice Seymour, taken on the group's American tour. Other photos were taken by Schult that show the group laughing and smiling. These were not used for the album's release.

Both the album cover and the vinyl album are in great condition. The inner sleeve is the original sleeve that came with the album and includes images and a group photo.

Songs on Album:

Side One
1. "Europe Endless" ("Europa Endlos") Ralf HütterFlorian Schneider Hütter 9:40
2. "The Hall of Mirrors" ("Spiegelsaal")  HütterSchneiderEmil Schult Hütter 7:56
3. "Showroom Dummies" ("Schaufensterpuppen") Hütter Hütter 6:15
Side Two
4. "Trans-Europe Express" ("Trans Europa Express")  HütterSchult Hütter 6:52
5. "Metal on Metal" ("Metall auf Metall") Hütter 2:11
6. "Abzug[a]" Hütter 4:53
7. "Franz Schubert" Hütter 4:26
8. "Endless Endless" ("Endlos Endlos")  HütterSchneider 0:55

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